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CompuVoIP Giving Back: Misaskim

CompuVoIP Giving Back: Misaskim

CompuVoIP Giving Back: Misaskim

Giving back to the community is one of the operating principles of Compu-Phone/CompuVoIP.  From providing a community synagogue at our Clinton Hill headquarters, to welcoming daily interns from community organizations, Compu-Phone/CompuVoIP has been extending a helping hand for over three decades.

Misaskim is a volunteer community organization that serves the Jewish Community of the NYC Tri-State area with support for mourners’ needs, care for the deceased, Emergency/Disaster Recovery, assistance with burial arrangements, and liaison to medical examiners and law enforcement agencies.

For Misaskim’s telethon in September, CompuVoIP provided them with the telecommunications infrastructure that they would need to ensure that donors would be able to connect and pledge their support. The logistics were complicated. The volunteers would be spread between locations in Brooklyn, NY and Lakewood, NJ. Incoming calls would have to be directed to the two locations, and communication between the two locations would need to be quick and simple.

CompuVoIP’s team of seasoned technicians mapped out and prepared the infrastructure at both locations, providing and installing all of the telephone equipment that the volunteers would need, and setting up the Automatic Call Director and Auto Attendant.  Compu-Phone/CompuVoIP also absorbed the complete cost of installation and setup associated with the telethon project.

Take a look at this short video where Misaskim’s Executive Director sings Compu-Phone’s praises.

Compu-Phone/CompuVoIP has been providing businesses with state of the art telephone service for over three decades. With our own fleet of trucks, expert technicians, and seasoned programmers, we provide everything your business needs to get its phones up and running. From wiring and cabling, to custom solutions for schools, warehouses, health care facilities, and government offices, we continue to delight customers with our expertise and passion.

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