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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is the ability to pass telephone voice over Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and the Internet. VoIP offers reduced costs for installation and maintenance of phone equipment. It also enables you to seamlessly provide telephone coverage to remote locations and home offices at a fraction of the cost of provisioning dedicated lines or tie lines. In addition, VoIP providers and private networks offer opportunities to reduce communication costs by consolidating phone lines and bypassing tolls.

Compu-Phone offers advanced VoIP solutions in collaboration with sister company CompuVoIP. Our VoIP solutions unlock the hidden potential in your communication system, helping your people and your business work more responsively, productively and profitably. By using powerful technologies that can scale along with your business, we unite your multiple locations with a single point of administration and provide graphical user interfaces that allow the storage and forwarding of voicemails

What will an IP-PBX do for your multi-site business?

– Simplify and consolidate multisite management

– Power multisite distributed call centers & workgroups

– Communicate as if everyone was in the same location

– Enhance employee productivity across locations

How will an IP-PBX enhance employee productivity?

– Help your customers reach the right person on first try

– Unified dialing plan across all locations

– Shared Operators/Receptionist across multiple locations

– Shared Holiday/Business Hour Schedules

VoIP allows calls to be transferred, conferenced, picked or parked across locations as well. With a glance at their desktop PC, workers in any part of the organization can see a colleague’s status, be it “available”, “do not disturb”, “in a meeting'”, “out of the office”, “on vacation” or in another custom state. These “personal status” settings also govern greetings, prompts and call routing, so employees can direct calls to land where they want whenever they’re available.

Be assured that your vital business communications are working seamlessly whether you have one location or 100!

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