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Auto Attendants

Customer Portal

Web based user interface that allows users to configure their PBX, create call queues and groups, view call detail records and billingĀ  information, listen to and delete your voicemail, upload music on hold.

Top Level Auto Attendant

(Time Based)

Available after N rings or based on time of day.

Sub-Level Auto Attendants

Sub-Level Auto Attendants are often used for different departments within an organization. For instance, you may have a main Auto Attendant for the company, and then a sub-level Auto Attendant for Sales, Support, etc.

Top Level Auto Attendant

(Always On)

Allows a caller to select from menu options using a standard telephone keypad. Through the portal interface, calls can be routed to extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, call queues, or unlimited depths of additional auto attendants.

Multiple Top Level Auto Attendants

(Always On)

Allows for separate telephone numbers to be routed to unique Top Level Auto Attendants. Each Auto Attendant is configurable individually.